Mother’s Day Humor

Enjoy these selections for “best of the web” in Mother’s Day humor. I hope you get a good laugh out of these hilarious videos, comics, and memes!

Mother's Day Humor

Below are some of my favorite Mother’s Day humor videos. Due to copyright issues, I wasn’t sure if I could put the comics on this web page, but you can find them on my Pinterest Mother’s Day Humor board. If you are not already a registered Pinterest user, you will need to register to view the board, but, trust me, it is worth it to get some good laughs!

Note that the below videos can all be viewed on my YouTube Mother’s Day Funnies Playlist.

Kid Snippets (What Kids Plan to Do for Mother’s Day):

Mom Parody on Meghan Trainor’s “No”:

Mom Parody on Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”:

Mother’s Day Photo Shoot:

Parent Rap:


Yo Mama Rap Battle of Compliments:

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