Celtic Cross

Celtic CrossLittle is known about Druidism (the pre-Christian religion of the Irish people) in Patrick’s time. However, it is believed that sun worship was a core part of the belief system. Legend holds that Patrick incorporated a symbol of the sun into that of a cross to emphasize the Lord who has dominion over all creation.

Patrick seems to have been impressed by the natural mysticism of the Irish. The Irish viewed nature as both splendid and holy, whereas Roman Christians tended to hold a negative view of nature and the flesh. But, having been plucked from Roman society in his youth, Patrick never appears to have embraced the negative view of nature. He was thus uniquely suited to introduce the Irish people to the Creator of all creation.

The Celtic Cross is a reminder to all believers that it is appropriate to celebrate nature. Though we must remember to worship the Creator and not His creation, it is appropriate to enjoy all that God has created to sustain our lives. Let God’s amazing creation move us to thank Him and praise Him!

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