Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Sweeties

Enjoy our top picks for “best of the web” in DIY Valentine’s Day ideas for your sweeties (spouse, kids, etc.)!

DIY Valentine Ideas for Your Sweetie

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Top 5 Things Valentine

5 Things I Love About You

by Wants and Wishes

Includes free printable.

14 Valentine Ideas

14 Days of Valentines

by Mommy by Day

Creative free printable tags for 14 days.

14 More Valentine Ideas

14 MORE Days of Valentines

by Six Sisters (at Dating Divas)

Creative free printable tags for 14 days.

Balloons with Love Notes

Balloons with Love Notes

by Blessings Multiplied

See also Somewhat Simple.

Valentine Card Deck

Card Deck (52 Things I Love About You)

by Emmaline Bride

Valentine Coupon Book for Kids

Coupon Book (for Kids)

by Small Fry & Co.

Includes free printables.

Valentine Coupon Book

Coupon Book (for Spouse)

by Mommy by Day

Includes free printables.

Family Love Notes Mailbox

Family Love Note Mailboxes

by The Dating Divas

Secretly leave love notes for each other in mail-

boxes. They look cute on candlesticks like this.

Heart Attack for Valentine's Day

Heart Attack Ideas

Collection by Celebrating Holidays

Give a “heart attack” of kind notes.

Valentine Scavenger Hunt

“Heart on a String” Hunt

by Coton Colors

Use this free printable attached to string to lead

your sweetie(s) to a surprise.

Candy Kiss the Ground You Walk On

Kiss the Ground He Walks On

by Dating Divas

Includes free printables.

Lunch Love Notes

Lunch Love Notes

by Chickabug

Pack love notes in your sweeties’ lunch with

these free printable notes.

Post-It Note Heart

Post-It Note Heart

by Dating Divas

Surprise your spouse with post-it love notes.

Room Service

Room Service

by Dating Divas

Let your spouse order a homemade meal.

Text Message Love Bombs

Text Message Love Bombs

by Stay at Home Susie (at Time Warp Wife)

52 simple text ideas for your spouse.

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