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I am a follower of Christ (of the evangelical sort), the wife of a smokin’ hot philosophy professor, and a homeschooling mom. For several years, I tutored for Classical Conversations, and now I volunteer teach at a local charter school. I also write for, Rose Publishing, and Holiday Classics. I am passionate about teaching, as well as serving others through hospitality. I love holidays because I get to put both my passions to work – the teacher in me is intrigued by the amazing history of our celebrations (which I try to pass on to my kids through meaningful traditions); the hospitality enthusiast in me loves to fill my home with creative holiday food, decor, and music. Since I can’t manage to get to all the projects that I dream up, it makes me happy to find and showcase on this website all the amazing ideas that I find from other creative people on the web.

About This Website . . .

This site has been a longtime hobby for me and a labor of love. My hope is that it is a truly useful tool for families who want to build fun and meaningful traditions for the holidays. It all got started when I began thinking about the kinds of traditions that I wanted to build in my own family. I had heard many disturbing claims about popular holiday traditions and their pagan origins, so I decided to do some research. The more I searched, the more interested I became in the topic of holidays and their origins. I found that our holidays are rich in Christian history, and I discovered that many of the so-called pagan connections were myths.

As I talked to friends about holidays, I learned that many parents, teachers, and others struggled to find good resources for understanding and celebrating holidays. Thus, this website was born.

Doctrinal Statement . . .

I received my Master of Arts degree in theology from BIOLA University, and I agree with their doctrinal statement. Please note that though I have taken care to share ideas on this website that are family friendly, I have not evaluated the doctrinal positions of the bloggers and the companies that are featured here.

God Bless,

Angie Sig

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