Valentines with “No Sugar” Treats

Enjoy our top picks for “best of the web” in DIY homemade Valentines with “no sugar” treats.

DIY Valentine Non-Edible Treats

Choose from the options below for quick navigation to the “best of the web” in DIY Valentines with non-edible (no candy, no sugar) treats.

bouncy ball valentine

Bouncy Ball (You Make My Heart Bounce)

by Nellie Design

Includes free printable bag topper.

See another topper at Mommy by Day.

Bubble Wand Valentine

Bubble Wand (You Blow Me Away)

by My Sister’s Suitcase

Free printable tag at 3 Four and Under.

Bubbles Valentine

Bubbles (You Blow Me Away)

by Bloom Designs

Includes free printable tag.

friendship bracelet

Friendship Bracelets (Class Would Knot …)

By Dandee Designs

Includes free printable tag.

Additional tags can be found at Design Mom.

Lego Star Wars Glow Stick Valentine

Glow Stick (Lego Star Wars)

by Stitch Craft Creations

Includes free printable.

Star Wars Glow Stick Valentine

Glow Stick (Star Wars Light Saber)

by Brassy Apple

Includes free printable.

glow stick

Glow Sticks (You Make My Heart Glow)

By Kommunicated

Includes free printable tag.


Heart Bookmarks (You’re Tops in My Book)

By Thirty Handmade Days

Includes free printable tag.

Homemade Valentine Soap

Homemade Soap (I Was Soapin’ You’d Be Mine)

By My Own Road

Includes free printable tag.

Lip Whistle Valentine

Lip Whistle (Blow Me a Kiss)

by At Second Street

Includes free printable tag.

magnifying glass

Magnifying Glass (I’ve Had My Eye on You)

by Dandee Designs

Includes free printable tag.

maze and pencil

Maze and Pencil (You Are ah-MAZE-ing)

by Balancing Home

Includes free printable.

melted crayon heart

Melted Crayons (Have a Colorful . . .)

by The Long Thread

Includes free printable.

See another version by Chef Messy.

Other Lines: “I Melt for You” & “You Color My World”

packet of seeds

Packet of Seeds (Friendship Grows)


pencil valentine

Pencil (You’re Just Write)

by Positively Splendid.

Includes free printable.

Playdough Valentine

Play-Doh (“Doh” You Want to Be …)

by Random Thoughts of a Supermom

Includes free printable bag topper.

See another topper at Supermom Moments.

ruler valentine

Ruler (You Rule)

by Thompson and Spring

Includes free printable.

silly straw valentine

Silly Straw (Sip Sip Hooray)

by Plucky Momo

Includes free printable.

star glasses

Star Glasses (You Are a Superstar)

by Plucky Momo

Toy Plane Valentine

Toy Plane (You’re Just Plane Awesome)

by A Little Tipsy

Includes free printable.

Valentine Crown

Valentine Crown

by Skip to My Lou

Includes free printable.

A cute craft Valentine to give to friends.

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