Thanksgiving Stories

The below selections include classic stories, passages and historical texts for reading aloud on Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Stories

About the Forming of Our American Holiday:

Story Title Read Time Background & Text Audio
Abraham Lincoln’s Proclamation 1863 3 min Background & Text
George Washington’s Proc. 1789 3 min Background & Text Free Audio
Our National Thanksgiving 4 min Background & Text

About the Pilgrims:

Story Title Read Time Background & Text Audio
Bradford’s History of Plymouth 11 hrs 15 min Text Free Audio
Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers, Poem 2 min Text
Mary of Plymouth 2 hrs 30 min Text
Mayflower Compact 2 min Background and Text
Mourt’s Relation (The Pilgrim Fathers) 11 hrs 15 min Text
Pilgrim Stories 4 hrs 10 min Text

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