Christmas Stories

The below 12 selections are classic Christmas stories that are great for reading aloud (or listening when audio is available). I hope you will take time to read the background — sometimes it is just as interesting as the story itself. Please note that these stories and their history (along with many more) are available in our Christmas Stories eBook (only $2.99!). I hope that you are blessed by these stories!

Christmas Stories

Story Title Read Time Background Text Audio

A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens, 1812-1870

3 hrs Yes Yes Yes

Christmas Every Day

William Dean Howells, 1837-1920

10 min Yes Yes Yes

Christmas Story from the Gospels

Matthew, Luke and John (Gospels)

20 min Yes Yes  Yes*

Good King Wenceslas

The Life of a Saint, 907-929/935 AD

5 min Yes Yes Yes*

In the Great Walled Country

Raymond Macdonald Alden, 1873-1924

12 min Yes Yes

Little Piccola

Celia Thaxter, 1835-1894

3 min Yes Yes

One Solitary Life

James Allan Francis, 1864-1928

2 min Yes Yes

The Christmas Cuckoo

Francis Browne, 1816-1879

15 min Yes Yes

The Gift of the Magi

O. Henry, 1862-1910

16 min Yes Yes

The Parable of the Birds

Louis Cassels, 1922-1974

3 min Yes Yes

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

(A Visit from St. Nicholas)

Clement Clarke Moore, 1779-1863 or

Henry Livingston, Jr., 1748-1828

4 min Yes Yes  Yes

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

(A Visit from Christ)

Angie Mosteller, Contemporary

3 min Yes Yes

*Some of the audio stories do not directly correspond to the text, mainly because they are dramatic adaptations designed specifically for audio storytelling.

For more great audio Christmas stories, see Librivox and Storynory (for kids). Please let me know if you find a “gem.”

Christmas Stories

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