July 4th Symbols

There is such intriguing history behind our patriotic American symbols, and July 4th is the perfect time to explore them. I hope that learning more about the history of these symbols helps to make the celebration of July 4th more meaningful for you and your family!

The History Behind our Patriotic Symbols
Choose from the options below for quick navigation to July 4th (Independence Day) symbols.

American Flag American Flag
Bald Eagle Bald Eagle
Colors Red, White, and Blue Colors (Red, White and Blue)
Fireworks Fireworks
Liberty Bell Liberty Bell
Great Seal Great Seal of the U.S.
Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty (Link to Statue of Liberty.org)
Uncle Sam Uncle Sam

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Image Credit for American Flag: Sam Howzit via photopin cc
Image Credit for Bald Eagle: Andrea Westmoreland via photopin cc
Image Credit for Colors (Red, White, &Blue): Peter Miller via photopin cc
Image Credit for Fireworks: Mr. Magoo ICU via photopin cc
Image Credit for Liberty Bell: sameold2010 via photopin cc
Image Credit for Great Seal: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit for Statue of Liberty: Brian Auer via photopin cc
Image Credit for Uncle Sam: Wikimedia Commons


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