Journey Through the Nativity Study

I am always looking for ways to make the Advent season more meaningful, and I am thrilled to share this family Advent study with you. It is called “Journey Through the Nativity.” The study takes you through 20 elements of the traditional Nativity scene (people, animals, and things). Each character is presented in a question and answer format (a proven method for engaging “students”) – What is a heavenly host? Were the Wise Men kings? What was the Star of Bethlehem?
Journey Through the Nativity (A 20-Day Advent Study)

And here is the fun part — Kristen Rabideau from Drawn 2B Creative illustrated each of the 20 Nativity elements in this study. Kristen is so talented. For each character, she created a preschool coloring page, a small black and white image, and a small pre-colored image. You can have your kids color (or simply cut out) each element and create their own Nativity scene! They can glue them onto a piece of large construction paper, add a small adhesive magnet and arrange their characters on the refrigerator, or they can even attach rolled cardstock to create standing figures. The preschool coloring pages are to help keep the little ones occupied during family discussion time.

My family chose to laminate our images, attach adhesive magnets, and arrange them on a magnetic white board. I cut out and arranged the pre-colored images:

Nativity Study 1

I like that we can write whatever we want on our whiteboards. You can write things like “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” during Advent, and then “Joy to the World!” on Christmas day!

Nativity Study 2

My daughter had so much fun coloring, cutting, and arranging her own images:

Nativity Study 3

Kristen has some darling images of her kids arranging their characters on the refrigerator at Drawn 2B Creative.

If you want more detail on what is included, check out the Table of Contents, as well as a sample study page on Joseph. Here are some samples of the illustrations as well:

Sample Preschool Coloring Page of Joseph Sample Black & White Nativity Images Sample Colored Nativity Images
Sample Preschool Coloring Page Sample B&W Images Sample Pre-Colored Images

If you are looking for something meaningful (and fun!) for Advent, I am confident that you will be blessed by this study. All 70 pages are downloadable for $4.95. Just click the order button below, and you will be directed to eJunkie to process your order:

May your Advent celebration be fun and meaningful!

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