Christmas Traditions

Here are some creative ideas to help you build fun and meaningful Christmas traditions. I hope that these ideas help to make your family celebrations special!

Christmas Traditions

Advent Devotion Traditions

Advent Devotional Guides

Collection by Celebrating Holidays

Choose from a great selection of FREE

Advent devotional guides.

Advent Family Nativity Study

Advent Family Nativity Study

By Celebrating Holidays

A great family study on 20 elements of the

Nativity scene. Includes coloring pages.

Advent Wreath Traditions

Advent Wreath Tradition

Collection by Celebrating Holidays

Includes daily Scripture reading, songs,

and candle lighting instructions.

Christmas Craft Traditions

Crafts for Christmas

Collection by Celebrating Holidays

Make easy DIY crafts with friends or


Manger Scene

I Spy Jesus

by Celebrating Holidays

Drive around to see Christmas light displays, and

leave a thank you note where Jesus is honored.

Photo from, Twinkling Tinsel Nativity.


Jesse Tree Traditions

Jesse Tree Traditions

Collection by Celebrating Holidays

This is a beautiful, visual way to prepare for

Christmas with the popular Jesse Tree.

Jesus Stocking

Jesus Stocking

By Women Living Well

Encourage kids to put some of their money

(chore and Christmas) in the Jesus stocking

to give to the needy in His name.

Memorize Christmas Story

Memorize (or Read) the Christmas Story

By Celebrating Holidays

Divide up the Christmas story from the Bible;

have each person memorize (or read) part of it.

Recite it on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Christmas Movies

Movies for Christmas

By Celebrating Holidays

Enjoy great family friendly movies.

12 RAKS (Random Acts of Kindness for Christmas)

RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness)

By Happy Home Fairy

Creative ideas to bless others with simple acts

of kindness.

Christmas Songs

Songs for Christmas

Collection by Celebrating Holidays

Sing classic Christmas songs with your family

or go caroling (free songbook is available).

Christmas Story Traditions

Stories for Christmas

Collection by Celebrating Holidays

Read (or listen to) classic Christmas stories

available on our Christmas Stories page.

Straw for the Manger of Jesus

Straw for the Manger

By Catholic Icing

Good deeds earn straw to make the manger

more comfortable for Jesus.

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