Chocolate Bouquet Valentine’s Day Craft

The below craft incorporates Valentine’s Day symbols of hearts and flowers, as well as the colors of red, pink and white. Visit our Valentine’s Day Symbols page to learn more about the symbolism and meaning of hearts, flowers and colors for Valentine’s Day.

This craft makes an easy and elegant gift or a wonderful edible table centerpiece.

Chocolate BouquetSupplies:

All of these items can be found at a craft store like Michael’s.

1. Small Flower Pot
2. Spray Paint Primer and Red Spray Paint
3. Red, Pink, White and Green Chocolate Melts
4. Flower and/or Heart Chocolate Molds (the ones that are formed to allow a lollipop stick to be inserted)
5. Lollipop Sticks
6. Playdough (or strong flower styrofoam to hold suckers in place)
7. Wax Paper
8. Valentine’s M&M’s
9. Bow (red, pink or white)
10. Glue Gun


1. Spray primer on the flower pot. When dry, spray paint with red. Allow to dry.

2. Follow package directions for melting chocolates and place them in candy molds with lollipop sticks.

3. When the flower pot is dry, wrap a bow around it (securing on with glue gun).

4. Form playdough into a ball. Wrap loosely with wax paper, and push into the bottom (halfway full or more) of the pot to hold the chocolate suckers in place. Top with M&M’s.

5. Arrange chocolate suckers in the pot.

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